Native strains or landrace strains are the basis of all modern marijuana strains.

Every continent has its own landrace strains They are very special because they are adapted to their external environment. They are filled with strong and powerful genes, which helped them to cope with all kinds of weather conditions. Landrace strains are considered the purest form of cannabis strains nowadays.

Most of the strains you can buy nowadays are hybrids, crossings created by growers to get the exact effect you want. The landrace strains are the rarest cannabis strains in the world. There are no hybrid varieties of landrace strains today. They are only Sativa dominated or Indica dominated, based on their cultivation environment.

Types of landrace strains


This Indica –dominant strain gives you shot of euphoria and energy. With a THC of 16% and CBD of 1%, this strain comes from the cannabis plants grown wildly in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Also known as the Afghan Kush, this strain comes with a sharp smell and sweet flavor. It works effectively in pain reduction, sleep-related issues and giving you energy.


These strains are Sativa-dominated. It was during the 1970s that these cannabis plants were brought to the US. They are known for their earthy and juicy smell. It is very challenging to grow these strains, as the plants don’t grow or flower if there is change of climate. If they work out well, keep in mind they need a long time to grow and flower.

Hindu Kush

These cannabis plants grew natively on the mountain chain between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The highlight of these strains is that they have a protective shield around them in the form of thick, crystal trichomes to withstand harsh climates. As this is an Indica dominated strain, you will have great benefit concerning pain management, stress relief, nausea and more.

Durban Poison

One of the rarest and most effective strains available in the world. It has a very high THC level (22%), which gives you instant energy. This sativa-dominated strain has the potential to give you a good mood instantly. Therefore, it is recommended to enjoy this in the morning. Medical experts recommend a small portion of Durban Poison for people who suffer from eye pressure, headaches, and fatigue.