Cannabis is a complicated little plant and so is abundant in a variety of different things, such as terpenes. These terpenes can actually be found in lots of plants, fruits, and vegetables – it’s what gives them their taste and smell. Bisabolol is one of cannabis’ main terpenes and is, in fact, already being used in a wide range of health and beauty products, making it a pretty interesting subject to talk and learn about. Let’s jump right in:

What is Bisabolol?

As I’ve already mentioned, terpenes are found in lots of different plants and foods – not just cannabis – and this particular one is what gives chamomile its lovely scent. Lots of people find that the terpene gives off a nice floral aroma, similar to that of apples or honey. Interestingly, Bisabolol also has anti-fungal properties as well as being a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

You may have already gathered that, because of how lovely this terpene smells, it has gauged significant commercial interest and so is now typically used as a main ingredient in lots of skin products, fragrances, and other cosmetics.

Bisabolol as an antifungal medicine

There has actually been quite a bit of research done on Bisabolol recently because of the fact that it’s so good at fighting off fungi. The Journal of Essential Oil Research, for example, has published papers concluding that the terpene acts as an incredibly effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial medicine.

Bisabolol has also proven efficient at combatting certain species of Candida and also at eliminating oxidative stress, as well as being just as good as pharmaceuticals in treating specific liver parasites.

Bisabolol has the potential to prevent ulcers

Amazingly, it has been discovered that this magic little terpene has anti-ulcer properties in that it is able to defend the gastric lining of our body against ethanol-induced ulcers.

Some final thoughts…

Clearly, Bisabolol has a lot to offer, but so do all of the other terpenes that are out there. Do some research for yourself and you may find that you actually use and experience terpenes daily – you might also find out about some terpenes that you should try to incorporate into your life via different foods and plants to prevent injury, disease, or maybe just to improve your quality of life a tiny bit.

Have you ever tried a product containing Bisabolol? How did you find it? What did it smell like? Let us know in the comments!

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