Most stoners want to make sure they are getting the most out of their weed, which, essentially, means doing pretty much anything they can to elevate their ‘high.’ Amongst the discoveries and innovations made by the cannabis community in this area is the revelation that mangoes can actually enhance a person’s ‘high.’ Here’s a little more about this strange, though successful, method:

Mangoes have a very high vitamin A content, which is incredibly good for the promotion of growth and development, as well as immune system function. For this reason, I encourage all readers to eat plenty of this delicious fruit, regardless of whether you want to use it to elevate your high or not. Although, I understand that, if you’re here, you probably do want to learn about the fruits ability to do just that. So, let’s read on, shall we?

Suppress the munchies


Consuming a mango before or after you smoke your weed can both intensify a high and make it longer, which makes mangoes the ideal snack for stoners. Mangoes have a fantastic aroma which derives from a chemical called myrcene, which is also found in THC. The terpenes in the fruit are also attributed to its beautiful smell. When an individual eats a mango, these terpenes will go directly to the bloodstream and interact with the THC in their system which will, in turn, increase the potency of that persons high.

Aside from the fact that mangoes can elevate a high, the fruit also has the ability to suppress the munchies much better than snacking on crisps or other junk food. Health experts say that loading up on fruit and other healthy foods, as opposed to crap, actually helps people feel fuller for longer. In fact, mangoes are a low glycemic index food which can aid weight loss as well as help to regulate a person’s blood sugar. This is great news for stoners who want to watch their weight and can’t seem to quench those munchies.

Fruity Strain


Getting super high and losing weight aren’t the only benefits of eating mangoes, though these advantages themselves are pretty good. Mangoes have actually been shown to decrease the risk of cancerous tumors as they contain properties which help consumers fight off inflammation.

Overall, mangoes are a delicious fruit that should be enjoyed by all smokers and non-smokers all, seeing as they appear to offer a myriad of health benefits. So, unless you’re allergic, why not chow down on one right now with a joint of your favourite fruity strain?

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