In just one year cannabis plants will go from seed to death. As grower it is very important to understand the life stages of cannabis plants.

A cannabis plant has two main stages during it's lifetime:

  • Vegetative Stage
  • Flowering Stage

Vegetative stage

The vegetative stage refers to the phase of plant growth that occurs after germination and before flowering, during which the plant develops the majority of its foliage and truly flourishes.

During the vegetative period of the plant, it builds up structural integrity (stem and roots). After this the plant begins to develop foliage.

In this stage the plant does not grow buds/flowers at all. When it starts growing gender-specific parts, the vegetative stage has ended.

Flowering stage

The flowering stage is when your female plants are starting to grow flowers / buds and your male plants start growing pollen sacs. It begins when the plant notices a change in light.

Outdoors flowering period will start when the days are getting shorter. Important is that during the night the plants don't get light. This can upset the plant and may not start flowering at all.

Indoors it is important to keep a tight light schedule from 12 hours light to 12 hours off (night). Usually a lighting timer is set.

When changing from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, the most important part is to make sure your cannabis plants are getting each day 12 hours of completely uninterrupted darkness.

The flowering stage is the toughest stage of the cannabis plant. Plants are very sensitive to both their nutrients and the environment. Also pest and diseases can be fatal. It's important to keep good attention to your plants in this stage.