If you are a cannabis grower you've probably heard about pests like spider mites, aphids, fungus gnats and others. These insects are not good for your cannabis plants and endanger your crops. We tell you about the spider mites and how to treat them.

Spider Mites

Spider Mites are small, oval bugs with six to eight legs. This tiny insect sucks the sap from the leaves and kills the cannabis plant in a short period of time. It usually occurs on indoor plants and where humidity levels are high.

If you see silky string on leaves and buds that is there web with which they protect their offspring. The spin webs are very difficulty to remove, because they are very sticky. If not treaten the cannabis plant will be damaged and can even die.

Your growing space should be well cleaned and ventilated. The spider mites thrives in dry areas. This way you prevent spider mites. It is better to prevent then to cure. Als try not let the temperature rise above 27 degrees/80.6 Fahrenheit, because the spider mites will then reproduces very quickly.

To combat spider mites there are different products. Best is neem oil, an organic bio-pesticide that has been deemed safe for use on vegetables and other flowering plants. Another option is Ecotenona, diluting 2 ml of it per litre of water: it is applied on the leaves to penetrate the nervous system of the spider mite when it feeds.