Coca-Cola is considering venturing into cannabis drinks. The soft drink producer is speaking with the Canadian marijuana maker Aurora Cannabis to develop the drinks, according to Bloomberg.

It would be drinks that contain the substance CBD. Users will not get a high of these drinks, but it can alleviate their pain.

For Coca-Cola cannabis drinks can be a new growth market. The company is struggling with a stagnating demand for brands such as Coca-Cola and Fanta. That is also why Coca-Cola bought coffee chain Costa last month for approximately € 4.4 billion.

Weed water Heineken

Other companies are also entering the cannabis market. Heineken subsidiary Lagunitas has been selling hop water with cannabis since this summer. The weed water, called HiFi-Hops, is sold in 50 places in the American state of California.

Incidentally Coca-Cola already processed drugs in drinks in his early years. Cola contained real cocaine around 1900. Later the company started using coca leaves where that stimulating substance has already been removed. Coke also contains caffeine, which can also be found in coffee, tea and various energy drinks.