You bought some marijuana seeds, now what to do? There are 3 ways to germ a seed, below we will describe them. It's important to know is a seed doesn’t need light for germination, only fluids.

Method 1: germination in a cup of water

Make sure you have a temperature between 68 and 77 Fahrenheit (20-25 C), otherwise the seeds will not germ or at least not fully germ.
Fill a cup with clean water, preferably distilled water, and place the seeds in the the cup. After 2 to 4 days the seeds will crack, and you will see a little root.

Method 2 germination on a humid underground

Place the seed between some dampened pieces of paper towel, it's highly recommended to use distilled water to germinate your marijuana seeds and put it somewhere where the temperature lies between 68-77˚F (20-25˚C). It takes 2 to 4 days for the seeds to crack and sprout. Ensure the paper towel stays damped by watering it every 3 days.

Method 3 germination directly in the soil

This method should work off course, but the experience is that this germination process has less success than method 1 and 2.
Take a pot with soil, make sure the soil is moist and contains minerals suitable for marijuana plants. Make a hole 0,6 inches deep, after you placed the seed cover it with soil.

when germinated….

When your seeds are germinated, plant them in a pot with soil, make sure it is moist enough. Plant them with the root down, ½ an inch deep and cover them with soil. If you cover the pot with plastic you create a greenhouse effect which the baby marijuana plants love.
Place the pots with the marijuana seeds under a fluorescent lamp and give it a little bit of water every day.
Turn the lights on for a couple of hours a day. After 3 to 7 days, you will see the first few signs of the marijuana plant. The lamp should be at least an inch above the topmost portion of the young marijuana plant in order to avoid burning its leaves.
After 3 to 4 weeks, the marijuana plant should be about 4 inches high and it can be transferred to a bigger pot. If the temperature allows it, you can now put it outside or place them in your indoor growing room.