When to harvest cannabis

When is the time to harvest a cannabis plant, is a common question many starting cannabis growers have. You have succeeded in growing cannabis plants, but, now the end of the flowering starts, and you have to harvest the marijuana at the right time. A cannabis plant should be harvested at the right time, if you are too early you will have less weight and little quality. But if you are too late to harvest weed, it may well be that your grown weed is worth nothing. This is when the weed buds are completely brown and dehydrated.
Choose the right time by looking at the color of the flowers, also known as weed buds. There are of 'hairs' on the buds, with trichomes on these hairs. Trichomes are full of THCA, an active ingredient of weed. The trichomes on the weed buds discolor as the plant grows older, at the beginning of the top you will see that the hairs are white. Slowly the hairs will turn milky, then half milky with amber colored hairs. Hereafter the hairs on the tops will turn completely amber, just before this time it is time to harvest the weed. If you postpone weed harvesting longer, the buds will turn brown.

Cut marijuana

When it is the right time to harvest your marijuana, you have to cut the cannabis plant. The harvesting of weed is also called cannabis cutting. Using good scissors, cutting is not only a lot faster, it is also a lot more pleasant to work with.

Cut the buds

You can cut your cannabis by first cutting the plants from their root system. This can be done with garden shears or scissors that are used especially for weed cutting. Now that you have the cannabis plant in your hand, you can cut off the branches. Now you have a number of branches with buds. By cutting them off the branches, you only have buds left. Now you can strip the buds of leaves, this is done by cutting all the leaves that are sticking out from the bud. Are all the buds leaf-free? Then you have finished cutting and you can dry the weed.

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