Purists sometimes are horrified by the mix of cannabis and alcohol, but in the Netherlands it is not that long ago that in coffeeshops both could normally be used together. The 'wet' coffee shop, as it was called, has however been killed by the Dutch government.

We increasingly see a direct or indirect mix between the stimulants alcohol and cannabis. For example, Highlife reported in the previous issue about Sensunique, which organizes trial evenings where lovers of wine and cannabis get their money's worth. Sensunique now also has such a combi-tasting where, in addition to wine and cannabis, beer can also be tasted. Furthermore, another company with a cannabis wine, imported from Spain, came on the market. It is a wine that is flavored with CBD-rich hemp extract. On the website the wine is touted as an aperitif to drink, with dessert or in advance of a dinner.

If we look at the possibilities worldwide, the investment of one of the largest beer breweries in the world 'Canopy Growth' is particularly striking. Constellation Brands owns breweries around the world, such as the Mexican beers Corona, Modelo and Pacifico. But it also makes vodka and wine. Last year they deposited $ 190 million for a ten percent stake in Canopy Growth, the largest Canadian cannabis producer. Plans for a non-alcoholic drink with weed on the Canadian market are under development. The brewery itself cautiously reports that the cannabis market is a growing market. Many consumers are interested in a mix between alcohol and cannabis. 'And of course the company wants to be there'.

Growth in this market is not difficult to predict. That can sometimes go faster than previously thought. Purists do not like it, but cannabis attracts more and more investors. Naturally, the opponents are already in line. Combine cannabis with alcohol, that is a one way towards addiction and hell. They forget that dozens of coffee shops in the Netherlands sold cannabis and alcohol for decades. And that this did not lead to serious problems.