1. August 25, 2018

    Scary weed movies, Poltergeist started a rage

    Like being scared and watch people get high? In the 1982 movie Poltergeist two of the characters are relaxing in their bedroom with some pot before the real scary action begins. After this many comical thrillers feature smoking characters. Watch…
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  2. August 24, 2018

    Weed Companies Run by Women

    The cannabis industry is dominated by men although there also women running the business. These women have build some of the most innovative companies in the industry from dispensaries to cannabis lab technologies and more. We have listed a few…
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  3. August 24, 2018

    Smoking weed is of all ages

    Actors smoking weed in movies is not a new thing, but did you know that even way back in the days weed was already featured on the white screen? In 'Jewel Robbery', a 1932 American comedy-mystery movie, one of the main characters get's high on…
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  4. August 23, 2018

    World's First Cannabis Genetic Test

    According to a new study the world's first cannabis genetic test can tell you how your body will react to marijuana. This test will be available next month by Canadian company AnantLife. They are specialized in genetic testing and medical…
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  5. August 23, 2018

    Famous Pineapple Express

    Ever wondered how the Pineapple Express cannabis strain gets famous? The American movie Pineapple Express tells you it. If you haven't seen it, it is a must see for pot-lovers. Check out below one famous part of the movie.
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  6. August 22, 2018

    Driver Caught with $5 Million Marijuana

    At New Jersey-Pennsylvania border the police caught a truck driver with over $5 million worth of marijuana. It was stashed inside several dozen cardboard boxes attempting to transport over 1,000 pounds of marijuana across the New…
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  7. August 22, 2018

    Learn from Marijuana Legalization of Colorado

    Recreational use of marijuana in Colorado has been legal for a number of years now. Of course usage of marijuana is still a federal offense in the United States. So, How can cannabis drive business and also tourism? Cathy Ritter, director of the…
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  8. August 22, 2018

    NBA Player Kenneth Faried Arrested for Possession of Marijuana

    TMZ Sports report that Tuesday morning Kenneth Faried was arrested for marijuana possession. Faried's vehicle was stopped at a sobriety checkpoint in the Hamptons, where officers say Faried was in possession of two ounces of weed. Faried…
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  9. August 22, 2018

    North Dakota Legalization Marijuana

    In November voters can decide on North Dakota marijuana legalization. Vote on the of legalization of recreational marijuana Al Jaeger, Secretary of State North Dakota announced that in November…
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  10. August 22, 2018

    Lord of the Weeds

    There are many movies where marijuana is used without noticing it. For example in the famous fantasy movie 'The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring' from 2001, Gandalf and Bilbo are smoking a pipe with "weed" in it. The Wizard Gandalf…
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