Growers are always coming up with interesting and innovative ideas to better their crop. One of these ideas that has been all the rage recently is using aloe vera to help with a couple of aspects of plant development, as well as using it to prevent bacterial growth. Let’s take a closer look at what aloe vera actually is before diving in to how it can help your cannabis plants:

Aloe Vera: The 411

I’m sure that pretty much everyone knows at least a little bit about aloe vera but, for those of you who don’t, it’s a species of succulent plant known for its health and beauty benefits. people have used it for all sorts of things over the years, with its earliest recorded use dating back to ancient Egypt.

The plant itself bears big, green tapered leaves that contain a sort of gel substance – it’s probably helped you heal a burn or two before. But how can it benefit cannabis plants?

Aloe Vera and Cannabis


As the title of this article might suggests, aloe vera is not just for humans. The plant can actually deliver a whole range of benefits to cannabis, including pest defense and support in development.

I’d say that it’s probably best to make use of your aloe via a foliar spray as this is a very popular and effective way of providing plants with nutrients. To make one of these, simply mix a large heaped table spoon with 4 litres of water and pour it into a spray bottle and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a foliar spray!

Aloe Vera For Roots

Lots of research has come to light recently about cannabis and aloe vera, with lots of papers claiming aloe vera to be one of the best things to use for boosting root health. In fact, it actually stimulates root growth because it increases both nutrient and water intake – amazing, right?

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