What does weed do with your desire for sex? Will the lust increase, or do you want to have more fun during lovemaking? Read more below.

Limited use

People that use cannabis also have to deal with the effects the weed has on their libido. When you do not blow too often, weed has a beneficial effect on your sex life. You get in the mood, your inhibitions drop, the physical sensitivity increases and your orgasm can become more intense. People also report an increased need to cuddle. This applies to both men and women. This multiplication of feelings of desire does not necessarily have to have a physical cause. The hormone levels remain unchanged in incidental use.

These mental effects also have a physical origin. In part, this stimulating effect simply emerges because weed makes you feel relaxed. The tension sex can bring along, disappears and gives way to a mellow atmosphere. On the internet someone writes: "I experience sex more intense when I have smoked. The orgasm also seems to last longer."

Of course, this effect does not apply to everyone. Every person is different and everyone reacts to cannabis in his own way. And the atmosphere and environment also play a part. At a meeting with your colleagues you will react differently than at a groovy party. Another reaction: "I need to vomit from weed, of course my libido is zero. Hash, on the other hand, gets me super horny."

Now it is true that some users become very drowsy and sluggish when they have been blowing. So they will usually fall asleep and the thought of sex will not cross their mind. In a newsgroup I read: "I became so horny, but the moment I thought: now I want sex, I got so tired that I just wanted to close my eyes." And another one writes: "I get so tired of weed that I really do not think about it anymore." When you want to make love after using weed, it's best to use the kind that makes you high and active. In any case, experts agree that modest cannabis use has a stimulating effect and can improve your sex life.

Large amount

A higher amount of THC reduces your inhibitions, but also your desires. Especially with inexperienced users, there is a chance of a reduced libido.

Frequent blowing

Who blows very regularly, runs the risk of getting less interested in sex. Cannabis then lowers your testosterone level, resulting in a decrease in lust. Prolonged use not only reduces the desire, but also the ability to get ready. This applies to both men and women. Many partners of heavy users complain that their boyfriend or girlfriend is only interested in that blow, but no longer in a blowjob. But do not worry, if you stop excessive smoking, this will recover again.