Hemp CBD is a hemp oil made from high CDB (Cannabidiol) and low THC hemp. These hemp oil products are non-psychoactive because they only contain trace amounts of THC. In contrast to medical marijuana products, which usually contain large amounts of THC.

This means that the cannabinoid CBD, which actually is one of 85 presently identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants, does not cause a high. For that reason it makes the use less controversial and more safe.

Are there health benefits in using CBD oil?

There are thousands of published studies about using cannabinoids to help with medical indications such as inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic pains and even cancer. For specific medical use we would advise you to contact your physician.

Is CBD oil legal?

In all 50 states of America using CBD oil, derived from hemp plants is legal. The commercial growth of hemp however is not, so most CBD oils come from European farms, where the hemp is cultured and processed into CBD products.

Which CBD oil products are available?

The CDB oil can be bought in capsules, in pure oil, salves and balms and liquids. All with their own pros and cons.

Where pure oils contain a higher amount of CBD than all other products, CBD processed into liquids with alcohol or oil make it less concentrated but easier to use because the oil comes in many nice flavors. Where salves and balms are not for internal use but to help soothe the skin or muscle ache, capsules can of course easily be used as your normal morning vitamins.

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