It is no secret; smoking cannabis gives you an enormous fast food crave. Scientists finally discovered why.
Research into how the marijuana affects our brain cells has shown that cannabis eliminates the neurons that suppress our appetite (and thus make us feel satisfied after a hearty meal).
For this reason, scientists now also believe that the so-called munchies (a binge eating after smoking a joint) Is something that is caused by that part of our brains that ensures that we do not eat too much.

Deception of the hunger center

For the study, the scientists used mice. Their brain activity was then measured after being exposed to the drug. The study, which was published in the journal 'Nature', showed that the mice that came in contact with cannabis became hungry. The reason for this was that the brain circuit that normally creates a feeling of satisfaction suddenly began to send out a message of hunger.
"By observing how the hunger center in the brain responds to marijuana, we could see where the hunger we feel after smoking a joint came from," says Professor Tamas Horvath of Yale University. "As a result, we discovered that the mechanism that normally eliminates our hunger became the source of our hunger. You can compare it a little with pedaling a car's brake, and then start a faster acceleration. The hunger center of our brains is being misled." 

This discovery could now ensure that people who lose their appetite can be helped as a result of a disease. In addition, it can also ensure that we are no longer overeating. Of course, more research is needed for this.