Top 5 mistakes growing marijuana

Cannabis plants are known for their strength and the fact that they can grow in many climates. But nonetheless letting a plant grow is a whole other story then letting a plant flourish. And harvesting the best marijuana does take some effort. Read more on the top 5 mistakes growing marijuana to avoid a disappointing harvest.

1: Too much water

Of course your plant needs water and sunshine but every plant can only handle a certain amount of water until it 'drowns'. To avoid overwatering the plant regularly check the soil with your finger, by feeling if the top inch is wet. If it is, no water is needed. If you are watering, measure the amount of water you give in order to develop a schedule. Increase the amount of water with the growth of the plant, but always stay alert on how the plant looks, because this will show its needs best.

2: Too much nutrients

Just like overwatering plants, overfeeding plants is a common mistake. You might think the plant is not growing fast enough or you can support the plant with more and more nutrients. In fact the opposite can be true. There are two sorts of nutrients, organic and non-organic. Organic nutrients come from manure or compost (possibly also from your own garden). These organic nutrients are the most 'safe' from overfeeding because they release their minerals slowly into the ground. This in contrary to non-organic nutrients which can provide an instant boost to your plants. They often are liquids, which require precise measurements. Many nutrient sellers include a schedule with their product, but this in many cases is much too high! So just to be safe, start for instance with a quarter of the recommended amount and see how your plant responds.

3: Poor lighting

Plants need light, and lots of it. Make sure your electrical system has been installed properly, preferably by a licensed electrician. It is a shame to let your garden go to waste because of poor electrics. One bulb will simply not help your plant flourish, so read up on the right lamps and amount of light you need to truly support your garden.

4: The wrong water pH

Cannabis plants like their water to be of the right pH. Try to get your water in between a 6.0 to 7.0 pH. If it is higher or lower than this the plant will lack nutrients because the water is either too acidic or not acidic enough to release the right nutrients. There are filters and additives you can buy to improve your waters pH. Just get yourself a pH testing kit and make sure your water is really feeding your plant.

5: Bad genes

There are thousands of marijuana seeds and it can be tempting to just use what is available. Buying from a trusted source however also guarantees the quality of the seeds you buy, that it is not a male plant, hermaphrodite or runt. Therefore always check the source you are buying from for references online.