Blue Dream

What is Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain originated on California. It has been a favorite on the West Coast.

The Blue Dream will give an immediate onset of an uplifting cerebral head high that leaves you completely motivated and focused with waves of creative energy that hit quickly and hard.

This strain is said to ideal for treating patients suffering from medical conditions such as chronic stress, chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild to moderate cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia. Like people, all strains of cannabis have their unique differences.

If you're growing Blue Dream, you'll see the best results growing from soil. The aroma is sweet, floral and fruity when done properly, and it should taste floral or fruity, like grapes or lavender. Everyone grows Blue Dream a little differently, and for this some plants appear like indica plants and have short, wide leaves. However, true Blue Dream grows like a sativa, and grows tall with narrow leaves.

Tree Fruit
  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Lack Of Appetite
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxious
  • Dizzy
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Paranoid

Blue Dream Grow Info

7 - 9 wks
Plant height
> 78 inch / > 198 cm
Grow difficulty
3 - 6 oz/ft2
Indoor, Outdoor

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